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Advent and the Blind Man

A blind man and I were standing in the middle of an airport.  ‘Just stand here’  I said taking him to a protected corner.  I wanted to protect him from all the jostling.  I then went off to buy my ticket and check departure times.

At one stage I looked back at him. He just stood there. People milled about him.  A child stared at him. A porter drove his baggage cart around him.  A newspaper boy couldn’t understand why he didn’t look at the paper he was waving under his nose.  He just stood there. The shuffling feet around him, unknown voices – he just stood and waited for me to come back.

He waited patiently, completely content that I would come back. There was no shadow of a doubt on his face – instead there was an air of expectation about him. I would return and take him by the hand and lead him to his destination.  As I marveled at him – looking carefully at his closed eyelids and calm demeanour – I though he is our model for Advent.

Story courtesy of Will Hoffsuemmer

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