We have been telling stories since time immemorial.  Before we gathered around the TV we gathered around the fire.  Before we sat on our own in front of the glow of a laptop screen, we shared the glowing and flickering light of a fire with our nearest and dearest.  Community storytelling explored how life and its many forms began and why things happen, as well as entertainment and enchantment. Communities were strengthened and maintained through stories that connected the present, the past and the future.

English: The Boyhood of Raleigh, 1871

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Telling stories is a nurturing act for the listener, who is connected to the storyteller through the story, as well as for the storyteller who is connected to the listeners through the story. However we have entered an era of crisis for storytelling. The storytellers are fewer – they tell the stories with powerful special effects – but we can no longer interact with the storyteller, we have become too passive.  This virtual fireplace will try and answer some of this.  If you have a story to share – please email it to goodstorytelling@gmail.com.

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